Causes and Remedies of Tired Eyes

Tired Eyes Symptoms:

a) Heaviness in eyes

b) Burning sensation

c) Irritation in the eyes

d) Redness of the eyes

Causes Of Tired Eyes:

1.  Allergy

2.  Eyestrain

3.  Fatigue

4.  Conjunctivitis

5.  Inadequate sleep

6.  Excessive crying

7.  Inadequate supply of oxygen to the cornea

8.  Pollution



1.  Washing eyes at frequent intervals with cold water relaxes tired eyes and helps in reducing inflammation.

2.  Watching TV from a close distance should be avoided, a minimum of 15 feet distance should be maintained.

3.  In 2-½ cup water, add a few drops of lavender oil and mix well. Take two cotton balls and dip in this solution. Squeeze out the extra water and place the cotton balls over the eyes.

4.  Try having objects in light colors, especially green and blue colors in the room because they act as relaxant and give a refreshing feeling to your eyes.

5.  Fresh cucumber when cut into slices and placed on eyes gives a soothing effect.

6.  Instead of using less hygienic handkerchiefs to wipe our sensitive eyes we should use disposable tissues.

7.  Placing cotton balls soaked in warm tea on the eyes for some time soothes the eye.

8.  Papaya is very good for eyes since it contains good amount of beta carotene. One should include plenty of papaya, mango, carrot, amaranths, drumstick leaves and fenugreek leaves in the diet.

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