Nose bleeds happen as a result of injury to the division between the two nasal passages (nasal septum) which contains a high proportion of blood vessels.

Treatment of nosebleeds

Compression should be applied as quickly as possible to the soft area just below the bridge of the nose, preferably with ice to stop bleeding.

It is important to lean forward as this facilitates the blood to run out of the nose. Leaning back may cause swallowing of the blood which can lead to nausea and vomiting.


Complications arising from nosebleeds: Septal Hemotoma

This is caused by bleeding within the tissue of the nasal septa. This forms a clot that can block the nasal passage and may cause difficulty in breathing. In this condition medical intervention must be sought to remove the clot.

Here are some Home Remedies to treat a Bleeding Nose.

1. Pinch your nose just below the bridge. There is a vein just below the nose bone that is the culprit in 99% of bloody noses. Pinching puts pressure on it, which arrests the bleeding and speeds the clotting process.


2. Put a drop of Lemon Juice in your nostrils.

3. Use an Ice Pack on the nose. Cold causes blood vessels to constrict, reducing blood flow, swelling and inflammation.

4. Pour some Apple Cider Vinegar on a cloth and wash the neck, nose and temples with it.

5. Smell a piece of Onion or Put some Onion Juice in your Nostrils.

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