The Badminton World Federation is preparing to launch new anti-doping initiatives next year, following the WADA World Conference on Doping in Sport last week.


These initiatives will start the process of the BWF and badminton adhering to the enhanced WADA Code adopted in Johannesburg, South Africa, and due to come into effect 1 January 2015.

The declaration reads: “The Johannesburg World Conference on Doping in Sport reaffirms that the ultimate objective of the fight against doping in sport is the protection of all clean athletes and that all concerned parties should commit all required resources and resolve to achieve that objective by intensifying the fight.”


Governments, NADOs and IFs, who have worked with WADA for two years on the review, adopted the declaration and approved the 2015 World Anti-Doping Code and the four International Standards. The enhanced Code will strengthen and harmonize anti-doping programmes globally.

Changes to the WADA Code include:

* Longer periods of ineligibility (four years) for real cheats – and more flexibility in sanctioning athletes in specific circumstances.

* Increased importance of investigations and the use of intelligence in the fight against doping in sport. This requires signatories of the Code to vigorously       investigate potential doping cases and to search out and use analytical (from testing) and non-analytical evidence in prosecuting drug cheats – athletes and any entourage members.

* The ability to prosecute athlete support personnel who play a role in doping in sport.

* An emphasis on “smart testing” strategies – and to improve cooperation between IFs and NADOs in their testing programmes to enhance efficiency and   effectiveness.

* Statute of limitations increased to ten years.

* A requirement for enhanced values-based education programmes where IFs work in closer cooperation with NADOs.

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